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The Preferred Florist List

Your guarantee of Excellence, Quality and Service

What makes a good florist? A good florist should not only know the ins-and-outs of the flower industry, he must also know the business side of it. Our company specializes in both. We care for your needs so we choose only the best to work with us. We therefore have a Preferred Florist List, developed over years of experience and tens of thousands of long distance floral delivery, that allows us to choose exemplary florists nationwide to make your flower-ordering easy as one two three.

Our preferred florist list includes the best of the best, most professional florists in the country. We’ve developed relationships with these florists for many years and we can personally guarantee that they are top-quality. The shops included in our Preferred Florist List have a big following, have a wide selection of flowers and they diligently rotate for supreme flower freshness. When you call a florist you found on the internet, the shop is aware that you might be in another state and most probably won’t be able to see the flowers. This is why we tell people to Trust their Feelings to Us. 

The members or our Preferred Florist List are guaranteed to take all your needs into consideration. They follow the strictest and highest quality standards as well as timely delivery of the freshest flowers, and have been tested by us many times in the past.We are professional florists ourselves, so we too, know the concerns of our consumers. We start by helping you through the process of deciding what you want. We guide you along as you choose the perfect arrangement suited for your budget. Being real florists, we have a good idea of which flowers go best with what, what types and colors of flowers work well for a particular occasion, how much they are and what flowers are in season.

Most importantly, however, we have a keen sense of the feelings and emotions you might want to convey through the flowers. Our Preferred Florist List allows us to come up with the best florist that can help you select the floral arrangement that can truly express your deepest emotions. Indeed, this sort of service isn’t just something you can simply get out from picking out a florist from an online floral directory or the yellow pages.

Our employees all undergo extensive training in flower and floral arrangement in our own flower shop. All inquiries and orders are handled through them. Our shop can be considered a haven in this busy world of hours, with its bright, cheerful environment and friendly assistants to answer your concerns.  We are florists first, internet marketers second.  Our business is ranked in the top 50 florists in the world according to FTD.  We know every floral order to be an important emotional statement, and are proud of the exemplary service we give, using our “Golden Preferred Florist List”.We are proud to say that we are always trying to improve our products and services.

We only want the best for your customers so we constantly strive to make our services more efficient and your experience easier and more comfortable.  We have round the clock customer service to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also offer money-back guarantees and unconditional replacements, if for any reason you do not feel satisfied with our services.   Trust that we are not trying to become the largest floral company, and we give each and every emotion statement as important as any other. Our interest lies in finding out how we can serve our clients in the best way possible. Our aim is to expand our reputation as the best floral service, one satisfied customer at a time.

This is why we say – Trust your Feelings to inbloom flowers, guaranteed not to disappoint!

Decorating your Home with Flowers

Your home is your sanctuary. It is the place you seek refuge amidst this busy, hectic lifestyle. It is the one place where we can be ourselves in the company of people we love most, our family. It is only appropriate therefore that we surround ourselves with things that can make us feel comfortable, relaxed and at peace.

What better way to do that than with flowers? A recent research by Harvard shows that if we reside in places that lift our spirits, there’s a bigger chance that we can have healthier, happier lives. This is where flowers come in. Decorating your home with flowers is a perfect way of boosting your energies and making us feel more positive throughout the day. Their vibrant colors as well as their fragrance can help make us feel less anxious and less stressed. They just generally increase the good vibes, good vibes that we can bring with us even as we step out of the house. With all the myriad styles, colors, shapes and textures of flowers, decorating your home with flowers can be a little intimidating it.

Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can do to make the process easier and infinitely more enjoyable. The Society of American Florists says that popular home decorating styles usually fall into five different categories. Use these categories to help you decide the style of your house and help you determine how to go about decorating your home with flowers.

There is the classic traditional home. This style has formal architectures with large doors, foyers and many different rooms. The designs for this type of home are usually composed of elements such as classic furniture and antiques upholstered in silk, brocade and tapestry. The flowers that would most suit this type of home would be carnations, roses, gladioli, snapdragons or lilies. Accents like greens, foliage and dried fruits placed in crystal,  silver, brass or porcelain vases are also encouraged.

The next type of house is the modern contemporary. Modern contemporary houses have smooth, clean lines and surfaces, as well as elegant fabrics, glass, steel, leather and other synthetic materials. Decorating your home with flowers might involve flowers such as callas, orchids, anthuriums and heliconia. These flowers would complement the home’s wide, open spaces. Try displaying your flowers in decorative pottery, frosted glass or metallic holders for a more enhanced effect.

There’s also the Victorian style home, which is a more romantic type of house. Flowers that would go well with this would spray roses, lavender, peonies, freesias and gardenias in subtle pastel shades such as pale pink, peach and lavender.  The Casual Easy Living style focuses furniture made from natural woods, light pine or bleached oak. It would be best to match these with green plants such as photos, ivy or cyclamen. Finally, there’s the American country.  Homes like these have wooden crates and metal bowls. Decorating your home with flowers, if you have this type of home, might include having flowers like heather, wild roses, yarrow and scabiosa placed in woven baskets along with herbs, swags and wreaths.

Whatever your style of home – Flowers are the accents that make it come alive!

Expressing Condolences with Flowers – Nature’s Emotional Messengers

Sympathy floral arrangementWhen somebody we know loses a loved one, or when we ourselves encounter the pain of loss, sometimes there really are no words to express how we feel. We may find ourselves grasping for just the right thing to say, and sometimes, even when we have the best intentions at heart, we often still end up saying the wrong thing or we end up not saying anything at all.  It’s very hard to assuage the pain brought about by such a loss, but perhaps that’s where the power of flowers can best be seen. 

Sympathy flowers can be one of the most meaningful aspects of a funeral and they can best express the condolences that we all long to extend or the comfort and sympathy we long to feel.  Indeed, a study by the Virginia Polytechnic Institute shows that after friends, family and a good eulogy, flowers count as the most important and most meaningful of gifts. Sympathy flowers also show respect for the dead, as well as show support for the bereaved family and friends, especially when the sender cannot be present physically. 

A well-thought out flower arrangement can be a critical factor of funerals. It can brighten up a somber mood and provide a respite even for just a moment. Sympathy flowers come in all shapes and sizes. They can also represent various faiths and religious beliefs, such as the belief in eternal life, or the belief in reincarnation or rebirth. They can also come in a variety of forms depending on one’s budget. Sympathy flowers can come in table arrangements, bud vases, wreaths, casket drapes and standing arrangements. They can also reflect the personality of the one who has passed away. They can come in his or her favorite colors, flowers and styles.

The most popular sympathy flowers now are those that come in garden basket planters and fresh flower designs. They are popular because they can be moved more easily after the funeral and brought to the houses of the family to help comfort them further.

Aside from sympathy flowers, concerned friends and relatives may also choose food or fruit baskets which they can send directly to the home. Some sympathy floral arrangements include a wreath, which symbolize eternal life; a spray, which is really designed to be viewed from one side only and are most often put on top of an easel. There’s the traditional floral arrangement designed in a vase or basket. There are also flower arrangements designed specifically to adorn the casket, either on top or inside, usually chosen and sent by close family members.  During the funeral itself, larger flowers are preferred. These include flowers such as chrysanthemums, log-stem roses, carnations, lilies, snapdragons, gladiolas and larkspur. Smaller flower arrangements including flowers such as shorter roses, daisies and carnations are more suited for sending to the house.  

It is noble to donate to charities, churches, and other causes, but family and friends need to have the instant knowledge that their loved ones made a difference in this world.  The family might get a postcard in the mail a couple months later stating ” a memorial of $ was given in your Loved One’s name….”, but this will not convey, at the most pivotal time of grieving, what a family so desperately needs, flowers that are touched, smelled, and seen and offer instant peace.

Even during the weeks that follow a funeral, when friends and family have already paid their respects and have gone on with their own lives, sympathy flowers are still welcome, most especially when it  comes with a personal note of condolences and support such as “I’m here should you need my help. If there’s anything I can do, please let me know. Thinking of you always.”

the Emotional Appeal of Flowers and Colors

When we think back on all the occasions of our lives, be it something as grand as a wedding, or a graduation, or a birthday, or even something as mundane as a trip to the hospital, or a date with a loved one, flowers were surely present. Whether they came in a huge bundle of carnations and tulips and roses, or whether it was just in a form of a single red rose, there seems to be just the right kind of flower for every mood.  And it seems that all life’s momentous occasions, flowers are involved for a very good reason – flowers carry potent emotional messages.

Experts have long ago concluded that the emotional appeal of flowers is a reality. Flowers really do strike a chord in the recesses of our emotional and psychological well being. A whiff of a fragrance of any flower arrangement can immediately uplift our senses the way no other object can. However, it is perhaps the dazzling array of colors, hues, shades in a flower arrangement that holds the emotional appeal of flowers for every one of us, regardless of age or gender. Psychologists have attested to the power of color in our lives, and there’s no more beautiful image of a gathering of colors than the image of an excellent flower arrangement.  It seems as if the colors of flowers appeal to the vast arsenal of emotions to help us choose which flower arrangement can best express our feelings. Indeed, just the mere presence of flowers can heighten feelings of happiness and ultimately affect behaviour.In fact, a team of researchers even explored the connections between flowers and life satisfaction. This 10-month research shows that flowers have an immediate effect on happiness, that flowers have a long-term positive effect on moods and that flowers help form and develop intimate connections. The emotional appeal of flowers, it seems, extends all the way to our mental and emotional well-being. We can invite all sorts of emotions using just about any color of the rainbow.  Red stands for energy, passion and seduction. Red flowers, especially those which come with rich and fragrant aromas are perfect for igniting romance and rekindling love.  Flowers which have the orange hue recall fresh citrus fruits. Dark orange reminds us of sunsets or the flames of a fire. Mixed with other hues, orange flowers can help restore a sense of peace and calm in times of stress. The emotional appeal of flowers truly lies in the color of the flowers.Yellow calls to mind a bright, sunny day. Yellow flowers are often the focal point in a flower arrangement, as yellow also reminds us of the stars glowing in the pitch-black night. A somewhat more neutral color is green. The emotional appeal of green flowers lies in the fact that green flowers stand for good fortune, perhaps because it also seems to remind us of money. Blue flowers symbolize peace, and blues, especially those in soft, pale hues, can offer tranquillity for both the mind and body. Those looking for more luxury and elegance in their flower arrangements should consider the color violet. The emotional appeal of flowers that come in shades of purple and violet are due to the fact that purples and violets are quite sensuous colors. They also stand for sophistication and passion and are also therefore perfect for those special occasions.   Flowers – Nature’s emotional messengers.