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How and Why Flowers Make You Happy….More than just Eye Candy

There’s no doubt about it. Flowers can make you happy, as actual research has proven that. Studies have been conducted to prove the effects of flowers on a person’s emotional and behavioral state, and each study was able to show just how beneficial to a person’s emotions and feelings flowers are. In fact, flowers are […]

Saying Congratulations with flowers – using Nature’s Messengers

Whether it’s a promotion, a graduation or a new baby, flowers are an ideal way to our congratulations to a loved one.  Indeed, according to the Society of American Florists, or SAF, congratulating somebody is one of the five most common reasons people send flowers. The other four are to say  “thank you,” “I’m sorry,” […]

Inbloom named Google Favorite Place

Inbloom Flowers has been recognized by Google as a Favorite Place On the Internet to shop. So last week, I got the mail and there was an envelope from Google…thought it was just an advertisement flyer and so I waited until we were finished with an event to sit down and open the mail. What […]

Flowers and Happiness – Exploring the Link

Do you remember the last time you received flowers? Think about what you felt at that moment. What did you feel upon seeing perhaps that big bouquet of roses from your husband, or those bright, cheerful tulips your son gave you for Mother’s Day? Most probably you will remember feelings of gratitude, happiness and an […]

Feng Shui – Enhancing your Home with Flowers

We always want Lady Fortune to smile down on us. That’s why we buy rabbit’s feet, avoid crossing under ladders, and always get out of a black cat’s way. There are many things we do attract good luck and good vibes from the universe. Yet another way of improving the flow of good energy all […]

Inbloom flowers named Top Florist again

Inbloom flowers has again, for the 5th year in a row, been ranked by FTD in the Top 50 florists in the US and Canada.   This prestigious award is given to florists in the FTD network that meet the high quality standards by FTD in providing exemplary service in nationwide deliveries.   Each year […]

The Preferred Florist List

Your guarantee of Excellence, Quality and Service What makes a good florist? A good florist should not only know the ins-and-outs of the flower industry, he must also know the business side of it. Our company specializes in both. We care for your needs so we choose only the best to work with us. We […]

Expressing Condolences with Flowers – Nature’s Emotional Messengers

When somebody we know loses a loved one, or when we ourselves encounter the pain of loss, sometimes there really are no words to express how we feel. We may find ourselves grasping for just the right thing to say, and sometimes, even when we have the best intentions at heart, we often still end […]

the Emotional Appeal of Flowers and Colors

When we think back on all the occasions of our lives, be it something as grand as a wedding, or a graduation, or a birthday, or even something as mundane as a trip to the hospital, or a date with a loved one, flowers were surely present. Whether they came in a huge bundle of […]