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Feng Shui – Enhancing your Home with Flowers

We always want Lady Fortune to smile down on us. That’s why we buy rabbit’s feet, avoid crossing under ladders, and always get out of a black cat’s way. There are many things we do attract good luck and good vibes from the universe. Yet another way of improving the flow of good energy all around is by practicing the ancient art of feng shui.

Feng shui is a method of attracting good energy into our homes by organizing the spaces we live in. Since flowers make up a huge chunk of home decor, it is essential to be aware of how we can rearrange or organize flowers in a way that will bring us good fortune.

Here are some tips that some people observe when they want to harness good forces through feng shui and flowers:

Place a white vase with pink or fresh flowers on the bedside table. This is believed to bring more romance into your life. When you want happiness and laughter to enter your home, place a bouquet of chrysanthemums in it. These flowers are symbols of peace and relaxation. The Chinese call these beautiful flowers “A Heaven full of stars” or “Drunk With Wine made from the Peaches of Immortals.” With exotic, alluring names like that, how can you go wrong?

If you want good luck for the whole year round, grow a narcissus or a water fairy just before the year ends. When it blooms at exactly the start of the New Year, it means you will enjoy a year of good fortune. Another good omen flower according to feng shui tradition is the peony.

Peonies, especially those with many leaves and flowers, are signs of good fortune. Peonies also enhance male energies. They are symbols of affection, faithfulness and loyalty and are even thought to prevent blood disorders as well as heart disease.Tropical Flowers from FTD

Green is the color of growth, so make sure you have green plants all around your home to alleviate stress, restore balance and harmony. Beware of some greens though, especially spiky plants. Some spiky plants bring in bad energy, but some believe they can also enliven sluggish or lethargy in some areas of the home. Still, it’s recommended to have at least one big plant in every room. This not only freshens the air, it also brings in good energy.

Plants, especially, those with rounded leaves also encourage good fortune and good energy. These rounded leaves resemble coins and are therefore believe to bring in more wealth.

If you have a walkway, the Chinese and observers of feng shui believe it would be good to line your walkway leading to the front door with flowering plants. Red flowers grouped in 3s would be best.

The Chinese also believe that you should not have dried flowers in your house. Dried flowers are dead flowers so that can translate to your wealth “dying”. However, it is perfectly acceptable to have artificial flowers. Similarly, clear away clutter in your yard by trimming overgrown plants and getting rid of any cut down vegetation or cut down trees. A side benefit of this is – a vase filled with trimmings such as cherry or apple blossom branches is a beautiful enhancement to your living environment.

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