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Decorating your Home with Flowers

Your home is your sanctuary. It is the place you seek refuge amidst this busy, hectic lifestyle. It is the one place where we can be ourselves in the company of people we love most, our family. It is only appropriate therefore that we surround ourselves with things that can make us feel comfortable, relaxed and at peace.

What better way to do that than with flowers? A recent research by Harvard shows that if we reside in places that lift our spirits, there’s a bigger chance that we can have healthier, happier lives. This is where flowers come in. Decorating your home with flowers is a perfect way of boosting your energies and making us feel more positive throughout the day. Their vibrant colors as well as their fragrance can help make us feel less anxious and less stressed. They just generally increase the good vibes, good vibes that we can bring with us even as we step out of the house. With all the myriad styles, colors, shapes and textures of flowers, decorating your home with flowers can be a little intimidating it.

Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can do to make the process easier and infinitely more enjoyable. The Society of American Florists says that popular home decorating styles usually fall into five different categories. Use these categories to help you decide the style of your house and help you determine how to go about decorating your home with flowers.

There is the classic traditional home. This style has formal architectures with large doors, foyers and many different rooms. The designs for this type of home are usually composed of elements such as classic furniture and antiques upholstered in silk, brocade and tapestry. The flowers that would most suit this type of home would be carnations, roses, gladioli, snapdragons or lilies. Accents like greens, foliage and dried fruits placed in crystal,  silver, brass or porcelain vases are also encouraged.

The next type of house is the modern contemporary. Modern contemporary houses have smooth, clean lines and surfaces, as well as elegant fabrics, glass, steel, leather and other synthetic materials. Decorating your home with flowers might involve flowers such as callas, orchids, anthuriums and heliconia. These flowers would complement the home’s wide, open spaces. Try displaying your flowers in decorative pottery, frosted glass or metallic holders for a more enhanced effect.

There’s also the Victorian style home, which is a more romantic type of house. Flowers that would go well with this would spray roses, lavender, peonies, freesias and gardenias in subtle pastel shades such as pale pink, peach and lavender.  The Casual Easy Living style focuses furniture made from natural woods, light pine or bleached oak. It would be best to match these with green plants such as photos, ivy or cyclamen. Finally, there’s the American country.  Homes like these have wooden crates and metal bowls. Decorating your home with flowers, if you have this type of home, might include having flowers like heather, wild roses, yarrow and scabiosa placed in woven baskets along with herbs, swags and wreaths.

Whatever your style of home – Flowers are the accents that make it come alive!

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