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the Emotional Appeal of Flowers and Colors

When we think back on all the occasions of our lives, be it something as grand as a wedding, or a graduation, or a birthday, or even something as mundane as a trip to the hospital, or a date with a loved one, flowers were surely present. Whether they came in a huge bundle of carnations and tulips and roses, or whether it was just in a form of a single red rose, there seems to be just the right kind of flower for every mood.  And it seems that all life’s momentous occasions, flowers are involved for a very good reason – flowers carry potent emotional messages.

Experts have long ago concluded that the emotional appeal of flowers is a reality. Flowers really do strike a chord in the recesses of our emotional and psychological well being. A whiff of a fragrance of any flower arrangement can immediately uplift our senses the way no other object can. However, it is perhaps the dazzling array of colors, hues, shades in a flower arrangement that holds the emotional appeal of flowers for every one of us, regardless of age or gender. Psychologists have attested to the power of color in our lives, and there’s no more beautiful image of a gathering of colors than the image of an excellent flower arrangement.  It seems as if the colors of flowers appeal to the vast arsenal of emotions to help us choose which flower arrangement can best express our feelings. Indeed, just the mere presence of flowers can heighten feelings of happiness and ultimately affect behaviour.In fact, a team of researchers even explored the connections between flowers and life satisfaction. This 10-month research shows that flowers have an immediate effect on happiness, that flowers have a long-term positive effect on moods and that flowers help form and develop intimate connections. The emotional appeal of flowers, it seems, extends all the way to our mental and emotional well-being. We can invite all sorts of emotions using just about any color of the rainbow.  Red stands for energy, passion and seduction. Red flowers, especially those which come with rich and fragrant aromas are perfect for igniting romance and rekindling love.  Flowers which have the orange hue recall fresh citrus fruits. Dark orange reminds us of sunsets or the flames of a fire. Mixed with other hues, orange flowers can help restore a sense of peace and calm in times of stress. The emotional appeal of flowers truly lies in the color of the flowers.Yellow calls to mind a bright, sunny day. Yellow flowers are often the focal point in a flower arrangement, as yellow also reminds us of the stars glowing in the pitch-black night. A somewhat more neutral color is green. The emotional appeal of green flowers lies in the fact that green flowers stand for good fortune, perhaps because it also seems to remind us of money. Blue flowers symbolize peace, and blues, especially those in soft, pale hues, can offer tranquillity for both the mind and body. Those looking for more luxury and elegance in their flower arrangements should consider the color violet. The emotional appeal of flowers that come in shades of purple and violet are due to the fact that purples and violets are quite sensuous colors. They also stand for sophistication and passion and are also therefore perfect for those special occasions.   Flowers – Nature’s emotional messengers.

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