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Gifts of flowers in response to an act of terrorism.

Interesting order today…and touching – an Arab man came in in full Muslim dress – I thought he was perhaps Afghani as I’ve been there 4 times – Patty, my employee was helping him and struggling a bit with his accent so I took over.

In case you didn’t know it from the news – the (attempted) bomber they caught trying to blow up Pioneer Square in Portland went to the mosque here in Corvallis for a bit. Well some stupid stupid stupid local (american) terrorist kid threw a firebomb into it a couple days after they caught that would be bomber kid in Portland.

He ordered 3  quite large bouquets for the Police Department, the Fire Department here locally, and the FBI office in Portland as well as another one for the Christian Church that is letting them have their meetings in their church here in town while they clean and rebuild the mosque, which has been here for at least 25 years.

I expressed my disdain for this terrible act and he strongly expressed his for the bomber kid. I talked to him for close to half an hour.  He wanted the flowers as statements of their gratitude at how they were treated by those agencies, and I suggested and made for him banners in gold foil on our ribbon printer that said 


He/they want them in the lobbies of the departments with the banners to show everyone how grateful they are for the treatment they have received, and wanted them in their lobbies so all that entered could see.  He also was very very grateful that the FBI came down “on their day off” Sunday .  (I didn’t tell him that the FBI doesn’t get “days off”.) 

He expressed disdain for 9/11 and told me 800 Muslims were in the building that day (there was an Islamic center in that building) Also his son who lives in Portland was in Pioneer Square that night for the Christmas tree lighting and told him “Father had that boy succeeded I would have been evaporated.”

I said I apologized for my countryman who would firebomb their holy building and he said they were blessed that this local (american) kid did it at night when there were no people there and that the crazy hateful (Muslim) kid tried to kill thousands.   And said he has pointed this out to his fellow Mosque members.

He was a very nice good kind peaceful and gentle Muslim man. A credit to all Muslims.

I just post this because it was very emotionally touching to deal with him.

We hugged when he left.

Flowers are wonderful emotional gifts that say so much more than words can….

Added:  one week later the good people from Salman Alfari Center sent two more bouquets to 2 more offices of the FBI here in Oregon.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this.

    He sounds like a most wonderful man.

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  3. Very beautiful arrangement, what a touching story…..

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