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Flowers and Feelings – Express yourself with Flowers – Nature’s Emotional Messengers

Chocolates, fancy jewelry, maybe a word or two. All these can easily convey our feelings and emotions, but perhaps there is nothing like a beautiful bouquet of roses, or a colorful array of tulips and carnations to express what all else can’t.

Particular feelings are associated with particular colors of flowers. Red may signify feelings of love and passion, while yellow may express feelings of affection and friendship. There are five color palettes, arranged in various floral combinations, that can either celebrate joy and success or chase away the blues. Indeed, the way we respond to color is a function of our deepest emotions. Flowers can certainly bring these feelings out into the open by stimulating more than just our senses of smell and sight. Flowers harness the power of the dazzling array of colors we encounter every single day. A floral arrangement, executed well and with style, can covey a particular mood without the use of words.

Pastel colors, such as pale yellow, soft pinks, peaches, cream shades and pale greens, for example may connote feelings of nurturing. These colors can make us feel loved, comforted and appreciated. Flowers that come in these colors are usually given to a woman who has just given birth, a friend in the hospital or even to a bereaved loved one. Flowers of these colors can surely make one feel the warmth of a tender embrace. Daisies and sunflowers, for example, can help boost energy and elevate feelings of optimism.

If one is looking to inspire feelings of romance, then the rich, sensuous colors of purples, reds, oranges and hot pinks are the way to go. Flowers that come in these colors surely recall fiery, passionate nights with just the right hint of sophistication and seduction.

To moderate this fast-paced lifestyle, flowers that come in light hues of blue, misty greens, and other shades that imitate the sea and the sky can surely do the trick. Give flowers in this color to harried moms, busy professionals and anyone who can use a moment of respite amidst their hectic lifestyles. The indigo hue of an iris, for example, induces tranquility and makes one more confident, less inhibited and therefore more ready to tackle on the demands of the day.

On occasions of celebration, joy, and fun, play up your flower arrangements with contrasting bold colors such as bright yellows, oranges and blues and greens.  Those flowers are perfect for occasions such as birthdays, graduations, promotions and other occasions where feelings of lightheartedness can come into the fore.

Indeed, such is the effect of a well-coordinated flower arrangement on our emotions that it can even influence our health! Bluebells, for example, are known to release melatonin and ultimately help us achieve a good night’s sleep. To keep allergenic factors at bay and improve your lung and immune system, try scattering orange daisies around your home. In your workplace, it has been scientifically proven that flowers can enhance productivity and energy levels, even improving memory for both the short and long term. Flowers are also considered to improve feelings of camaraderie and companionship among colleagues in the workplace. Finally, green zinnias and lilacs can help alleviate those nasty feelings of stress and anxiety.

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  1. Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made, and forgot to put a soul into.

    For myself I hold no preferences among flowers, so long as they are wild, free, spontaneous. Bricks to all greenhouses! Black thumb and cutworm to the potted plant!

  2. Thank for informative flowers blog. Your blog is very nice and i agree with you, flowers is a one of beauty to express the feeling like red roses for love, yellow roses for friendship and various relations. On occasion to give the orange, bright yellows, green and blues flowers.

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