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Decorating your home with Christmas flowers

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” So the song goes about Christmas. And indeed it is. It’s the season of giving, sharing and spending time with your family, friends and loved ones. It’s the time for sumptuous dinners, bright lights and Christmas carols.

It’s also the time for beautiful Christmas decor. One of the best things about Christmas is that it just makes everything so much prettier. The streets are littered with snow and glitter, wreaths, and carolers reveling in song. Our homes are filled with stockings for Santa, beautiful Christmas trees that complement our Christmas wreaths. What better way to express the Christmas cheer than by sprucing up our homes with Christmas flowers?

The most popular Christmas flowers are or course the poinsettia and the Christmas rose. The poinsettia is recognized as a Christmas flower because of its bright, beautiful charm and it because it blossoms during this special season. The Christmas rose on the other hand derived its importance from a legend that relates to Jesus Christ. Legend has it that a girl called Madelon wanted to visit the Baby Jesus when he was born, but she didn’t have anything to offer. An angel took pity on Madelon so the angel placed a rose on the snow where Madelon was trudging on as she made her way to Jesus.

A good suggestion for a Christmas Rose is a variety called Freedom, which has a lovely crimson color. Bouquets are made with it using Holly as accents which are a great holiday mixture.Roses and Holly

There are other Christmas flowers that also bring cheer in this season of joy, like mistletoes, cyclamen and evergreens. There are some tips you can follow when deciding what Christmas flowers to decorate your home with. You may want to include scented greens like pines on your table arrangement. Turn your centerpiece into a work of art by using greens and flowers as accents that will complement your home decor.

You can also enlist the help of your professional florist to help you in choosing the best Christmas flowers. They will be useful in pointing out the differences between cypress, mistletoe and evergreens and where these different flowers should be placed around your home, as well as help you with color choices that match your home and tastes. Florists also carry with them a wide array of poinsettias.

Poinsettias are the traditional Christmas flowers, and they come in colors of white, peach, plum and pink., They also come in marbled or speckled varieties, aside from the usual red. Other flowers that are considered Christmas flowers are the paper white narcissus and the amaryllis. These bulb plants, if planted after Thanksgiving or even weeks before Christmas, will bloom just in time for this special day. Other options also include the Christmas cactus, kalanchoe and cyclamen. If you’re going for a winter harvest theme, try going for different fruits and vegetables to create a beautiful cornucopia of harvests.

FTD and Teleflora create wonderful keepsake gifts such as the Thomas Kinkade series of Christmas containers for a stunning and loveable Christmas hostess gift.

If you’re throwing a Christmas party, you may use small bunches of flowers as card holders for guests at the dinner table. A popular color scheme for Christmas are white and silver or white and gold. To create a lush, sensual feeling for dinners, use deep, rich colors such as purple and burgundy. For afternoon get-togethers, use flowers in hues of yellows, oranges and reds and place them in decorative containers. Mix your flowers with other materials such as candles, as these add warmth to any holiday table. Decorative balloons also add to the festive atmosphere. If you really want to make a statement when you are invited to a party, ask your florist to make you a cheerful holiday floral arrangement and have it delivered to the venue of the party. You’ll surely be the toast of the town.

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